Jul 14

Videos about luxury and style – Interested?

Where do you find videos of luxury and style? If you recall, there used to be a show called The Rich and The Famous. This show used to be about the luxurious lifestyle of the various celebrities. Taking videos of such homes would have been a part of the show as well.

There have been so many TV shows over the years that have all tried to capture the essence of each building. It is difficult to say if they have been successful. Nevertheless, they have been around for a while and the audience does get something out of watching such videos. Sometimes, it is a way of living vicariously. Sometimes, it is just the artist’s eye of the viewer that takes in as much as possible.

luxury videosIf the subject of the videos that focus on the luxurious lifestyle (like diamonds, clothes that are expensive and cost a fortune, luxurious kitchen appliances etc) is the furniture or furnishings, then, an interior designer or decorator would have a field day with the scope. The number of interior designers is quite high and for them to be able to view a room filled with luxurious items would be a great way to get new ideas. If the audience is a group of architects, they would be able to look at the luxury and style with a purely architectural perspective. Every aspect of the dwelling would strike a chord in the viewer at one time or another. You could say that the purpose of the videographer has been served. When the videos are made, the maker’s intention to make an impact with his camera work and the direction is strong. To have reached even one person among the audience can be satisfying. When you talk of luxury, let us not limit it to furnishings.

Every item including the fabric used, the bric-a-bracs, the tiles, the woodwork, the appliances, the fittings etc. only add to the luxury. Therefore, the videos ought to capture every nuance and every detail so that the commentary could lead one to the source, if possible.

Of course, not all can replicate what they see or even be able to afford to. But, the odd design or two would be well worth copying or emulating from a designer’s viewpoint. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery. When you view these videos, you also get to see how a particular style has evolved. There are labels for different styles.

They could be

  • European,
  • Indian,
  • Art deco,

Parisian etc. and each one may project a certain flavor of the culture. It would be important to know that luxury can be relative.

What is luxurious may simply be a necessity to another. Therefore, keeping a rather objective frame of mind would be best when judging the luxury or the style of any part of the world. After all, you are getting to see one individual’s unique style even if it is a mixture of a number of different cultures.